Patentierte Systemfelge geschmiedet, mit austauschbaren Protector-Segmenten


The world's only rim system


Die Protector Value 1 besticht durch ihre dynamische Optik, eine perfekte Symbiose zwischen den Rotor-Fenstern und dem concaven Design.


Die weltweit erste geschmiedete Felge mit Protector-Segmenten, die Sie in wenigen Minuten selbst austauschen können, ohne das Rad oder den Reifen demontieren zu müssen. Super pflegeleicht, perfekte Aerodynamik und sehr hohe Nachhaltigkeit.


For you, there are completely new ways to set your own accents on their rims. Contact us, we will make you a personal offer according to your wishes.

The world's first forged rim with protector segments that you can replace yourself in a few minutes without having to disassemble the wheel or the tire. In addition, the propeller windows are arranged so that the brakes are cooled (known by the formula 1).

This wheel impresses with its dynamic look, a perfect symbiosis between the rotor windows and the concave design. At the same time pure elegance radiates and the stainless steel protectors cling to the overall picture as if they had always been there, protecting the rim and tire and also giving the rim a unique look.

With a load capacity of 900 kg, the rim is designed so that even large and heavy vehicles can decorate with the rim. The elaborately designed hub cover protects the hub and the screws against corrosion. The new design starts with a size of 9,5 and 11 x 22 inches. Further sizes are in preparation and will follow soon.

  • No high costs through a complex wheel repair
  • No costs due to the necessary wheel change in a rim repair
  • No longer repair times
  • It's child's play to replace a damaged segment within a few minutes
  • Whether personalized or color-contrasting segments - almost anything is possible to achieve a new look

True design has much more to do with sense of shape and inspiration than with a high level of technical and human effort, especially with a new wheel design. Knowing this fact and against the background of the unwritten law that sensationally beautiful, technical components come about only through a sparkling idea.

Dipl.Ing, G. Müller never oriented himself to the styles of others. He set to work and, together with Mr. Lang from FCM, created a WORLD FIRST in technology and design: the FCM-PROTECTOR VALUE 1 rim.

Since almost all drivers of aluminum wheels (also series) know the problem of curb scratches or damage to the rim flange outside and expensive restoration (twisting, grinding, painting) with wheel dismantling and tire dismantling accompanied, had finally a safe and simple solution ago.

The patented and revolutionary idea, protective segments (protectors) screwed from the outside, which also serve as a style element.
... the Protector bike was born, unique and unique worldwide. The logical consequence for an experienced specialist could only be to realize a unique new design of the wheel inner pane.
This was achieved using 7 wheel openings with integrated propeller surfaces (brake cooling). After these design ideas the projecting, development, and the model construction remained in FCM / Müller hand. Thanks to a high level of craftsmanship and a sense for proportions and curves, the final FCM-PROTECTOR VALUE 1 was created in the model. Inspired by a special momentum. Rich in contrast, on the one hand "hard" with clear, angular wheel openings and on the other hand "soft" thanks to pleasing curves, radii and proportions.
In close cooperation with a renowned rim manufacturer, which also produces racing wheels, and the engineering of Gerd Müller, matured a technically optimized and reliable forged monoblock alloy wheel in 22 ", with 900kg payload.
each of these monoblock wheels carries externally bolted PROTECTORS (7 piece). With the latter, it is possible that your wheels are always protected even on the rim flange.
Using the supplied Allen key you can open the 4 screws and change a damaged or approached Protector segment. Dead easy !
Advantages :
without much effort replace the damaged protector itself, without having to take an elaborate rim repair.
Sensational, unmistakable FCM character, high value impression due to perfect workmanship and high brilliance, stable due to high-quality material (forged wheel), easy to care for due to smooth, easily accessible surfaces.
The FCM wheel is not too open, so the dirty brake parts are well covered. Perfect visual harmony of FCM wheel and vehicle.

As a special request, the standard stainless steel polished protectors can also be supplied in many other materials or finishes (color anodised, painted in body color or in carbon). Thus, together with laser inscriptions available on special request, a genuine individualisation of the high-quality Protector rim takes place.

FCM / Müller has this design wheel ready for you for high-volume vehicles, production start with 9,5 and 11 x 22 inches.
Everything is possible for versions without work on the body to Umbörteln and expansion without painting.
FCM-Protector will gladly help you fulfill your wishes, not only with the optimal wheel dimensioning.

drawn FCM / G. Müller


Protector segments made of polished stainless steel in the best workmanship

The world's only protectors are interchangeable with 4 screws without having to disassemble the tire or the rim. They protect the rim and the tire from starting damage. In addition, they are individually personalized by laser and will also be available in carbon look and other color options. This unique system is patented and an investment in the future. An adaptation to other rim designs would be possible.

No other rim in the world can offer you this protection and sustainability, which we are very proud of, because we act in your interest, that you have long-term joy and fun with our rims.


Here are some videos to help you understand what the PROTECTOR VALUE 1 really is. On our Youtube channel "FCM-Tuning" you will find even more videos. If you like us and / or subscribe, we would be very happy to have your FCM team.
  • FCM Protector Value 1
  • Spinning Effect FCM Protector Value 1
  • Change of protectors


Here's how the Protector Value 1 looks on different vehicles, eg:
Audi * Bentley * BMW * Jaguar * Mercedes * Porsche * Range Rover * Tesla *


Hier sehen Sie umgerüstete Fahrzeuge mit der FCM Protector Value 1 Felge.

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